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[New] Playgroup class (2hrsx3 times per week) for 20mths to 2.5yrs !

[New] Parent Toddler classes for 2011 !  

[New] Full day available starts term 2 - 2011 ! 

[New] 1/2 day afternoon enrichment package with MyGym, panting classes, Chinese Enrichment Program available ! 

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Montessori Preschool Program

We never start a day without praise and worship. Our children learn to give thanks to all things that God has given unto them. From a young age, we cultivate and sow the seed of love into our children. When they grow older, they become socially responsible and will build inner confidence to tackle difficulties in their lives. 

With a low teacher to student ratio of 1:5, your child will get to have 1 to 1 coaching and quality kindergarten/preschool/nursery education. Unlike most large classes kindergarten where every student gets to learn at the same pace, here at Charis, the child's curriculum progresses at the pace that he or she can learn. For example, where the child is able to learn to blend 'h' and 'at' together, he or she gets to move to 'g' and 'et'. With individual progress sheet, we actively monitor the progress of your child and would be able to cover extensive syllabus and vocabulary than a child who is put in a large class setup. 

In our school, we also do practical life and sensorial activities. Such activities aims to improve fine motoring skills and also confidence and independence in the child. Outdoor activities are also planned once a week so that your child gets to have plenty of sunshine and fun filled activities.  at the nearby park.

Montessori Pre Nursery and Nursery 1 – 2 yrs to 3 yrs
In this class, your child will be exposed to the 6 aspects of the Montessori curriculum: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Phonics, Cultural (Science & Geography) and Mandarin. Circle time includes Bible time, Phonics, Sensorial, Mathematics, Culture and Mandarin. Circle time activities will involve music and movement, art and craft, bible stories and role play.  

Montessori Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2 – 4 yrs to 6 yrs

In this class, the activities also include the 6 aspects of the Montessori Curriculum. Your child will spend more time on the core subjects, English, Mathematics and Mandarin so as to prepare them for the next step of their education.

Classes are available and starts Today!

4 hrs Session  Playgroup to Kindergarten 2
Monday to Friday

8:15am- 12:15am - 1st session

11:30am - 3:30pm - 2nd session

1/2 day Afternoon Session 

Monday to Friday
1:00pm- 5:30pm

Full day Session 

Monday to Friday

8:15am to 5:30pm 

Afternoon Enrichment Sessions

Monday to Friday

12:30pm to 5:30pm 

This programme is suitable for children who have attended morning kindergarten elsewhere. 

The afternoon enrichment programme & Full day programme are the same. Monday - English Speech & Drama, Tuesday - MyGym (Tampines), Wednesday - Story of Art, Thursday - Chinese Speech & Drama and Friday - Chinese Language Enrichment .