About us

I am who I am

Being the best in what God destined us to be is a journey. 

It started all the way back in 1999. From a humble outlet at Kembangan, we had to wait for our turn. It was only in 2018, we started our 2nd outlet at YCKChapel. And now, we still growing and welcomes you to be part of our story.

Nurturing confident leaders who understand moral values is our passion.
We love doing this over and over again. But it is not all so serious; we added a little fun along the way.

People with Charis are delicate, tactful, or artful and have charm, grace, kindness and favor from those that they are in contact with. And people are drawn to this ‘magnetic’ quality of the personality trait.

What makes us so special ?

We have saved you all the time to find the best for your child. Having researched the best pedagogy for early childhood, tweaked it to Singapore primary school syllabus, created a nurturing and loving environment, gotten support from partnering churches, we want nothing less but to love your child as our own.  


Passionate teachers who inspire young ones to be independent thinkers.


Fine tuned to integrate with local Primary school curriculum. 


Songs, dances, speech and drama, games, inquiry based.


Simple and not overly cluttered so that your child can focus what they need to succeed.


Winning awards are not our goal, your child being is.

There are two education one must receive here. One is to make a living and the other is how to live.


Beautifully setup at the original site. Teacher Mazey leading the team. Small class ratio and a nice gym room. Near to MRT, picking up your child is easy.

The children loves coming back to the school. Come meet Teacher Seph and her wonderful team of passionate filled teachers. 

Kids can interact and explore in this big & spacious setup. Lead by very experienced Teacher Elanie.

Very cosy and warmth environment. Children like being part of this family and being shaped by a dynamic team of caring teachers.

The very first overseas outlet which is planted in Shandong province. Lead by our director Vincent Hee and Teacher Amanda, this outlet welcomes your child with loving arms.

An up and coming second outlet also at Shandong province, sharing the best of Singapore’s education system with our Chinese counterpart.




1st Jan 2020 (Wednesday) – New Year’s Day (Public Holiday)

4th Jan 2020 (Saturday) – Orientation Day

24th Jan 2020 (Friday) – Chinese New Year Eve (Half-day closure)

25th Jan 2020 (Saturday) – Chinese New Year (Public Holiday)

26th Jan 2020 (Sunday) – Chinese New Year (Public Holiday)

27th Jan 2020 (Monday) – Replacement: Chinese New Year



13th Mar 2020 (Friday) – K1 to K2 Excursion (TBC)


9th April 2020 (Thursday) – Good Friday Eve (Half-day closure)

10th April 2020 (Friday) – Good Friday 


1st May 2020 (Friday) – Labour Day (Public Holiday)

4th May 2020 (Monday) – Staff Training (Full-day closure)

6th May 2020 (Wednesday) – Mother’s Day (Parents involvement)

7th May 2020 (Thursday) – Vesak Day (Public Holiday)

8th May 2020 (Friday) – Spring Cleaning (Full Day Closure)

24th May 2020 (Sunday) – Hari Raya Puasa (Public Holiday)

25th May 2020 (Monday) – Replacement: (Hari Raya Puasa)

29th May 2020 (Friday) – K1 to K2 and PG-N2 Excursion (TBC)

30th May 2020 (Saturday) – Parent-Teacher’s Meet


19th June 2020 (Friday) – Father’s Day (Parents involvement)


20th July 2020 (Monday) – Staff Training (Full-day closure)

21st July 2020 (Tuesday) – Racial Harmony Day (Parents Involvement)

31st July 2020 (Friday) – Hari Raya Haji (Public Holiday)


7th Aug 2020 (Friday) – Spring Cleaning (Full Day Closure)

9th Aug 2020 (Sunday) – National Day (Public Holiday)

10th Aug 2020 (Monday) – Replacement: National Day


2nd Sept 2020 (Wednesday) PG to N2 Excursion (TBC)

3rd Sept 2020 (Thursday) – K1 to K2 Excursion (TBC)

4th Sept 2020 (Friday) – Teacher’s Day (Full Day Closure)


1st Oct 2020 (Thursday) – Mid-Autumn Festival (Parents Involvement)

2nd Oct 2020 (Friday) – Children’s Day (Full Day Closure)


14th Nov 2020 (Saturday) – Deepavali (Public Holiday)

18th Nov 2020 (Wednesday) – Excursion PG – N2 (TBC)

20th Nov 2020 (Friday) – Excursion N2 to K2 (TBC)

26th Nov 2020 (Friday) – Thanksgiving Day (Parents involvement)


24th Dec 2020 (Thursday) – Christmas Eve (Half Day Closure)

25th Dec 2020 (Friday) – Christmas (Public Holiday)

TBC = To Be Confirm, as it depends on whether the venue is available for Charis

Full Day Closure & Public Holiday = School Close

Half Day Closure = School ends at 1pm. Parents are to fetch their child between 12.30pm to 1pm.


1. What is the teacher-student ratio?
Pg class  (1 :  8) 
N1 class (1 : 12)
N2 class (1 : 15)
K1 class  (1 : 20)
K2 class  (1 : 25)

2. With assistant teacher? 
Yes, if needed.

 3. How long has the school been operating?
Charis Montessori Kembangan is the first branch and was opened way back 1999. This school is operating for 20 years and keep on expanding its branches. We are using both Montessori and Thematic approaches in teaching. We have teacher who has been with us for almost 12 years now.

 4. Any outdoor activities, field trips or excursions? How often?
We have outdoor activities everyday. We also do excursions every term (3 months) which is end of each term.

 5. Do you offer enrichment classes?
Yes, we do offer the following and fees range from S$110:
Speech and Drama, Music, Chinese & Art

6. What is the fee structure?
For Singaporean:
Full Day (S$ 1500.00) / Half Day (S$ 1200.00)

For Foreigners:

Full Day (S$ 1200.00) / Half Day (S$ 1000.00)
Flexi Care (S$ 600.00 – applicable only for Pg class)

 7. Do you provide parents with Progress Reports/Updates?
Yes. We do send the following to the parents through Cyberland:

Weekly Reports

Every Friday

Progress Reports and Portfolio

Parent-Teacher meeting to be held twice a year.
Parents are also given hard copies.

 8. Not toilet Trained?
We help the parents to toilet train children as long as they already started to be trained at home. The school is willing to help parents to continue this routine by guiding the child and giving them feedbacks.

 9. How do you discover a child’s special interest/talent ?
Through various activities in school such as expressing their creativity through crafts (painting, colouring, pasting, collage,etc.), Music and Movements (singing, dancing),  Motor Skills activities (playing games, drawing, colouring), Speech and Drama class (Show and Tell, reciting poem, story telling, etc.)

 10. What is a typical day like?
Typical activities involve the children’s daily routine such as eating (breakfast, snack, lunch, teabreak), showering, outdoor activities and lesson time. Two of the best examples of our learning activities are Thematic (do lessons, worksheets, music and movements and crafts) and Montessori lessons (explore and learn through Montessori materials).

 11. What is the meal plan?
We have our own kitchen and cook. Our meal plan follows the standard of Health Promotion Board which to serve only healthy foods to children. We also have 4 different meal plans to serve varieties of food to children every week.

12. What’s your policy on runny nose, cough or other sickness
For hygiene and safety purposes, we advise parents to keep their children at home or see a doctor if the child is not well. If they still decided to bring the child in school, we will still let and receive the child in school as long as he/she has no fever (37.5C) and runny nose/cough are not really too bad. If the child has fever/flu and did not come to school for few days, parents need to provide a letter from the doctor that the child is fit to go back to school.

13. What values do you instill in the children?
Good values are very important to us so we always make sure that the teachers are there to always guide the children in learning proper values. We believe that to be kind to others, be honest, patience and love are the good values that we have to instill to them. We always explain to them that violence such as hitting, biting, pushing and scratching are not correct ways on how to treat others and if avoided in doing these, they can gain more friends.

Charis Montessori @ HQ

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